burnt continent

the summer fires of 2019-2020 ravaged large swathes of the Australian landscape, claiming lives, property, wilderness, and millions of animals, birds, and other creatures, along with their burrows, nests, and homes

naturally we feel most for human loss in such disasters, and the cost will continue for a lifetime in one way or another for those adversely affected

nature on the other hand responds and recovers vigorously, and ironically, some species of Australian flora require fire to open their seed pods and ensure the continuation of their species

these are some photos from the various natural bush-land areas affected by the widespread fires of the summer of 2019-2020

these photos were taken soon after the fires, and then a few months later with natures rejuvenation well under way

I photographed the Australian bush for a long time, so I’m emotionally drawn to witness such large scale event, and to see how the landscape and all inhabitants recover

soon after the fires
nature begins the recovery
these taken a few months apart
the big cigar looking stump was still smoldering on the first visit
before and after
nature accelerates the rejuvenation and new inhabitants of varied shapes and sizes have established their new homes amidst the emerging rejuvenation
a natural recovery
"This bark guy is a real nature lover. He gets eaten alive to get his photos, he, he"
Corie Cassowary
Etty Bay, QLD
"Wow, check out those amazing prints - I've noticed they love sniffing around trees as much as I do"
Emilie Echidna
Iluka, NSW
"I love their prints and photography! They're here so early, and their prints truly bring my home into your home"
Joey Kangaroo
South West Rocks, NSW

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