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I got my first SLR camera in the early 80's and took off surfing through Asia with a close friend

we experimented with psychedelic coloured lenses and all the fan-dangled gadgetry of the time, when we weren't surfing during the day, or at night in the full moon

surfing the full moon on those remote Indonesian reefs does seems a little crazy to me now, but was unquestionably the thing to do at the time. I have vivid memories of paddling back out after catching a wave, and then putting my arm into what felt like scraping, scratching teeth, but turned out to be a large floating branch of a tree. I didn't hang around much to check out the detail though

there's always trees . . .

strangely the local fishermen thought we were insane, warning us repeatedly there were many big sharks out there at night

ah, the adventurous spirit of our youth

over the years I took some very unique photos of the rich cultural environments I was privileged to experience throughout Asia, Southern Africa, and Europe

I worked in Canada on 4 occasions, and Switzerland for another year, and made a point of traveling to amazing places on my return home - usually through North America, Asia, and Central and South America

these were no doubt some of the richest, most humbling, grateful, life experiences I ever had!

I met so many people in the poorest of circumstances who provided me with the most generous and caring hospitality, when they themselves lived meagerly

I'll never forgot each of them and will be forever grateful for their kindness

complete strangers whose kindness left a lifelong impression
random photo's

nevertheless that year, in particular, put life and relationships in a more realistic perspective, and I've been quite the minimalist, and more appreciative, ever since

bark4art hopes to inspire you to enjoy all the trees and plants we may otherwise take a little for granted

they're in your local park, on your way to work, at your local botanic garden, and if you're lucky, they may even be outside the window where you live

and upon closer inspection, you may also see their secrets, expressed in their ever-changing colours, textures, and detail - sometimes subtle, often abrupt, but constantly changing nevertheless

we love trees, and we can't live without them !
random photo's

trees give us so much, and their protection in some instances is linked to our quality of clean air, healthy waterways, and our very survival

we hope to share our wonderful images of tree bark and Australian scenery, taken over many years. Along with all the great images yet to be revealed

we also hope to be generous to others, so as to pass on the favors along the way

If we achieve some success then we’d like to be charitable and help individuals and people doing great things for their communities

particularly those bringing positive lasting solutions to poverty, homelessness, environmental management, tree conservation, clean sustainable water supply here and elsewhere, animal protection, human development and adaptation, humanitarian support, disaster recovery, children's health and general well-being, and those genuinely caring for the elderly with dignity and respect, among others

if you enjoy the work presented here, please buy a print and hang it proudly for all to see and enjoy

we hope you'll come to love bark as much as we do, if you don't already

finally, thanks for your time and interest in reading the story of bark4art and art de TREEomphe

Stephen James

"This bark guy is a real nature lover. He gets eaten alive to get his photos, he, he"
Corie Cassowary
Etty Bay, QLD
"Wow, check out those amazing prints - I've noticed they love sniffing around trees as much as I do"
Emilie Echidna
Iluka, NSW
"I love their prints and photography! They're here so early, and their prints truly bring my home into your home"
Joey Kangaroo
South West Rocks, NSW

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