Bark4art Wide-Frame Print - 1.5 metres
“bark 4 art” is also known as "art de TREEomphe"
 we design prints and other digital artwork, based on many years of extensive photography and cataloging of Australian tree bark, along with numerous tree species from elsewhere across the planet

in North America, a selection of these prints are available to purchase online through Pictorem in Montréal - please see the prints link from the menu

Pictorem is the main outlet at this time, although prints can also be purchased in Australia through private sale

the designs are bold, stunning, colorful, and celebrate natures value to us all!
Bark4art Wide-Frame Print - 1.5 metres
our large wide-frame compilation prints shown above are all about tree bark and nature

all images presented in the compilations are taken from, or inspired by, the nature world - including effects layers, backgrounds, and the canvas itself, comprise images of national park roads, wild storms, rivers, oceans, flora, fauna, rock, desert earth, and more

we also have an upcoming series of prints in different languages, utilising the beautiful character sets for words describing nature as a complement to the colours, textures, and contrasts of those prints - they just seemed to match so well

art de TREEomphe - Towering Tree Bark5
the following photos are of majestic eucalyptus & other trees, some 70 + meters tall

these images are not of our prints for sale, however some macro and detailed bark images are taken from sections of these or similar tree species
most of our prints are large-format, wide-frame, 150 cm (60 inch) or wider, and are designed to be a striking and colourful feature for your living or work space

these large format prints showcase the bountiful colour and texture of tree bark, presented in 3D, as we naturally see the trees themselves
a broader range of landscape and nature prints are also available, and are essentially a byproduct of photographing trees in remote areas across Australia, and from those journey's in general - dare I say explorations

Australian Aboriginal people interpreted the importance of trees and their bark into art and storytelling

we hope to explore these themes and many more as we bring Australian tree bark to life in vivid photography and design for your home, office, or elsewhere
art de TREEomphe - Towering Tree Bark2
art de TREEomphe - Towering Tree Bark8
future prints will comprise a great many other shapes, sizes, geometry, and ideas, so please stay tuned!

we will eventually have prints available for sale in Australia, and elsewbere 

please have a look around the site and enjoy our beloved tree bark, along with stories, from across Australia and beyond
"This bark guy is a real nature lover. He gets eaten alive to get his photos, he, he"
Corie Cassowary
Etty Bay, QLD
"Wow, check out those amazing prints - I've noticed they love sniffing around trees as much as I do"
Emilie Echidna
Iluka, NSW
"I love their prints and photography! They're here so early, and their prints truly bring my home into your home"
Joey Kangaroo
South West Rocks, NSW

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