bark4art photographic design

artistic design based on the detailed photography of tree bark from across australia

 bark4art has cataloged hundreds of tree species in myriad vibrant seasonal colours

from city parks to the remote australian outback

the secret life of trees captured in light!


australian tree bark


coming soon!

 bark4art designs comprise 50 prints in 50 languages, presented in 3D format, showcasing the striking colours and vivid textures of nature

each print comprises compilations of tree bark photography with botanical labels for each element in the print

prints can be shipped across the globe, including antartica and the international space station

available SOON

tree bark styled prints and design

these prints are sized 150cm x 20cm, and printed on high quality ChromaLuxe metal panels, with contemporary frames, and/or mountings

available print finishes will include white base (ultra gloss, semi-gloss, or matt), OR brushed base (brushed gloss, or matt)

the initial limited edition bark4art designs are set for release when the time is right

stay tuned!