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most important and very special thanks to

GOD - hopefully needs no introduction!

Mum and Dad - both since gone, but their abundant love, support, and generosity will never be forgotten. I was most fortunate to have known them as my parents

this page pays tribute to those organisations and individuals who have provided free material, learning, and resources toward my personal and professional development

We would also like to especially thank the following individuals and businesses

This is a statement of gratitude, not an indication of any endorsement by them of myself, commercial or otherwise

The internet is indeed full of learning opportunity, but finding good resources can sometimes be time consuming. The following have been of great benefit to myself and my projects, and perhaps may also be of use to yourself

This is an incomplete acknowledgement of all the assistance that's otherwise easy to take for granted

All resources below are hyperlinked

Aboriginal Language, History, and Cultural Resources

The following sites are interesting and most helpful. Some relate to cultural bush-fire management practices, slowly being recognised and incorporated across the Australia

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Photography and Educational Resources

Providers of free photography information, software, instructional video, written documentation, eBooks, and other relevant content

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Free Software for Graphic Design, Vector Graphics, 3D Modelling and others

These have proven invaluable for developing my skills, and managing my projects

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Web-hosting and Internet Services

As an alternative for excellent web-hosting, consider VentraIP in Australia. I was with them for a couple of years and have my 2 domain names registered with them still. I've always found their service to be excellent, and their systems are robust and scalable for a variety of needs

I don't have any shares or favors with them but am happy to provide favorable comment based on my experiences

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"This bark guy is a real nature lover. He gets eaten alive to get his photos, he, he"
Corie Cassowary
Etty Bay, QLD
"Wow, check out those amazing prints - I've noticed they love sniffing around trees as much as I do"
Emilie Echidna
Iluka, NSW
"I love their prints and photography! They're here so early, and their prints truly bring my home into your home"
Joey Kangaroo
South West Rocks, NSW

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