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the future

what we'd like to achieve

art de TREEomphe has wide-ranging ambitions and lots of creative imagination for the future of our bark images and experiences

We also have ambitions for our considerable collection of broader nature and travel photography, both for designing prints and other artwork, and for making content available to 3D artists and others, as free textures and other design material, for example

As indicated in about us, we'd like to be generous and would also like to translate our travels and experiences into freely available travel guides - these would add personal detail and additional information for traveling around Australia and beyond
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other hopeful initiatives

  • Making select free downloads available to existing customers, for bathroom prints, mirror backings, and more
  • Seeking collaborations with Aboriginal artists who'd like to incorporate their artistic interpretations into our bark prints
  • Making bark images available to others to see what designs they come up with
  • Training other people to be involved in producing art works and photography from what has been learnt over many years, and contributing to the prolific sharing economy to pass on skills learnt on youtube and elsewhere, free or otherwise
  • Provide some video presentations on Australian natural environments, incorporating aerial footage, still photography, physical artworks and sculpture
  • We'd like to be charitable and use art to fund community ventures, cancer support, training, disaster recovery initiatives where needed, and more. We'd like assist those causes we feel moved by in ways we believe can make the most positive and lasting contribution
  • I will improve the website when time permits to make it more responsive and mobile friendly, by implementing collapsing text, and other UI features for devices

We hope you enjoy the journey with us, and appreciate your interest

random photo's
"This bark guy is a real nature lover. He gets eaten alive to get his photos, he, he"
Corie Cassowary
Etty Bay, QLD
"Wow, check out those amazing prints - I've noticed they love sniffing around trees as much as I do"
Emilie Echidna
Iluka, NSW
"I love their prints and photography! They're here so early, and their prints truly bring my home into your home"
Joey Kangaroo
South West Rocks, NSW

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